With the current lockdown, many of us are stuck indoors with limited access to our usual fitness outlets. Working out at home is certainly a trend on the rise. But finding a regiment can often be a hassle, and sticking to it can seem impossible at times.
HomeworkOut guides you through cycles of 3 minute bodyweight workouts, 22 minute sessions of intense focus and 5 minute breaks. This project promotes wellness during the COVID-19 lockdown (libraries and gyms are closed as of November 2020 in Montreal), and helps you stay as productive as possible.


HOMEwork out offers a solution to these problems. If you are already using proven productivity management tools like the Pomodoro Technique, why not work in your fitness regiment into this schedule?
For the times you may not be as motivated to follow through with your health goals, start today by making sure your health concerns are given just as much forethought as your productivity.


Not only that, but studies show that working out can boost your brain activity (src: Harvard Health Publishing), and help you enter a FLOW state so that you can reach your peak productivity more easily when it's time to focus. So not only will you be getting a health benefit and making strides towards keeping your fitness regiment, but you may also end up improving the benefits you see from using the Pomodoro Technique!